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The Association of Advertising Producers (ASAP) exists to promote the interests of the Advertising Film Production industry. Our membership comprises India’s leading production houses, serving the largest companies and ad agencies across the country.

Why Join ASAP?

ASAP was started for the advertising production houses by the advertising production houses. And more members we have, more ideas and thoughts get exchanged and the faster our industry will learn to adapt and evolve.

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ASAP Benefits

  • Dispute resolution – Relations with other Industry unions
  • Advisory on IPR issues
  • Provision of fair and mutually acceptable contracts (both general and agency/client-specific in some cases)
  • Recommendation for legal representation
  • Forum for discussion of industry-specific issues
  • Sharing of important information among members
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A Masterclass in Lockdown Film making !

This pandemic is worrying us all. What will be the future of our businesses?

Dettol Demo Germs

Yet another effort from an ASAP member. This film is produced by Collective Art Pvt Ltd. The Executive Producers Ajay Pathak & Saurabh Kabra says – ‘Work from home is the need of the hour. With this Lockdown and crisis time that the nation is facing, work isn’t stopping for all. We worked with a small remote crew and maintained all measures of safety and even more’.

Vicks – Helping Others

The two film project produced by Lens Flare Films is yet another example of how we rearrange the pieces of the production puzzle and narrate meaningful and interesting stories in these tough times. Hope you enjoy the two sweet spots. Here is the second one

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